17th Century

Naples in Bergamo: 17th century painting in the De Vito collection and in the city

April 16 2024

Image of Naples in Bergamo: 17th century painting in the De Vito collection and in the city

Picture: lacarrara.it

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Accademia Carrara will be opening an exhibition next week dedicated to examining the artistic connections between Naples and Bergamo during the 17th century. The display will feature many loans from the Fondazione Giuseppe e Margaret De Vito, of which more can be read about here.

According to the blurb on their website:

Napoli in Bergamo explores the wonders of painting in between Naturalism and Baroque, its excesses and contradictions through more than forty pieces of art, with custom made restorations and new research. The core of paintings, from the Fondazione Giuseppe e Margaret De Vito, is complemented by unpublished canvases from the Accademia Carrara collection and works on loan from churches in the city and the Bergamo area.

The exhibition takes into consideration the production going from an early Neapolitan follower of Caravaggio, Battistello Caracciolo (1578 – 1635), to the Classicism of Massimo Stanzione (1585 – 1656), from the Tenebrismo of Jusepe de Ribera (1591 – 1652) to the grandeur of Baroque painting by Mattia Preti (1613 – 1699), Luca Giordano – present with more than twenty works – and his pupil Nicola Malinconico.

The show will run from 23rd April until 1st September 2024.

Caravaggio in Belfast

April 4 2024

Image of Caravaggio in Belfast

Picture: ulstermuseum.org

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Ulster Museum in Belfast will be opening a new exhibition next month. The galleries of the museum will be hosting Caravaggio's The Supper at Emmaus and The Taking of Christ, on loan from the National Gallery in London and the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin respectively.

According to the press release:

Anne Stewart, Senior Curator of Art at National Museums NI, expressed the significance of the upcoming occasion and said:

“The connection between the two Caravaggio paintings is remarkable. Both were painted for the same patron, Ciriaco Mattei, and originally displayed in the same family palace in Rome. Reuniting Caravaggio’s The Supper at Emmaus and The Taking of Christ is a highly ambitious and unusual event. Both paintings very rarely travel and they have hardly ever been seen together since the first quarter of the 17th century.

“We are truly honoured and grateful to the National Gallery, the National Gallery of Ireland and the Jesuit Community in Dublin, for allowing us the opportunity to bring together two rare artworks and provide our audiences and the public with a rare chance to access these masterpieces.”

Visitors will be able to see the exhibition between 10th May 2024 until 1st September 2024.

Potter's Bull Restored Live

April 2 2024

Image of Potter's Bull Restored Live

Picture: denhaag.com

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Visitors to the Mauritshuis in the Hague will be able to watch the conservation of Paulus Potter's famous The Bull live! The 18-month project will include a detailed examination alongside a full restoration of the work, which will be able to be seen behind a glass screen (pictured).

In fact, a discovery has already been made during preliminary research for the project:

Preliminary research has revealed that the National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin) owns a painting that can be linked to The Bull [Pictured on the left side in the photo above]. Paintings Conservator Jolijn Schilder of the Mauritshuis discovered that Potter once made a large painting (approx. 2.10 m x 1.70 m) depicting The Abduction of Europa. It turns out that the oval painting Head of a White Bull was once part of this larger painting -- much of which has been lost, leaving only this fragment. The two bulls are different colours, but the heads are depicted in a very similar way. As a result, the ‘Irish’ bull will be an invaluable research companion for the ‘Dutch’ bull. The art historical and technical research into the Head of the White Bull is a collaborative project between the National Gallery of Ireland and the Mauritshuis. Both bulls will be on view during the technical examination at the Mauritshuis between March and May 2024.

The Last Caravaggio coming to London

March 29 2024

Image of The Last Caravaggio coming to London

Picture: nationalgallery.org.uk

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The National Gallery in London will be hosting Caravaggio's Martyrdom of Saint Ursula, on loan from the Gallerie d’Italia Naples, from 18th April until 21st July 2024.

According to the gallery's website:

Few paintings are better placed to tell the story of Caravaggio’s final years than his last-known work, 'The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula' (1610, Gallerie d’Italia, Naples). The painting is coming to London for the first time in 20 years.

We witness violence at uncomfortably close quarters. Caravaggio shows us an intricate interplay of guilty and innocent hands. And his own self portrait looks on, helpless.

We'll display this painting with the letter that describes its creation (Archivio di Stato, Naples), and our own late Caravaggio, 'Salome with the Head of John the Baptist' (about 1609–10).

In our Bicentenary year, you’re invited to contemplate this masterpiece. Explore the troubled end of Caravaggio's life, the stories of Ursula and Salome, and reflect on violence today.

Bendor on Rembrandt

March 28 2024

Image of Bendor on Rembrandt

Picture: The Art Newspaper

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Bendor's latest piece for The Art Newspaper focuses on the question of 'Who will rule Rembrandtland? Behind the search for an authority on the Old Master'. The text examines the scholarly and authoritative gap left after the passing of Ernst van der Wetering, alongside some of the claims of an attributional 'Wild West' published in the Dutch news outlet NRC earlier this year.

Dublin Loans Velázquez to Borghese

March 26 2024

Image of Dublin Loans Velázquez to Borghese

Picture: arte.it

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

News from Italy that the Galleria Borghese has borrowed the National Gallery of Ireland's Kitchen Maid with the Supper at Emmaus by Diego Velázquez. The painting has been hung in a room alongside several works by Caravaggio, inviting a comparison between the influence of the Italian painter on the Spaniard.

The work will be on display in Rome until 23rd June 2024.

Yale Conserving Compton Verney's Allegory

March 25 2024

Image of Yale Conserving Compton Verney's Allegory

Picture: @yalebritishart

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Yale Center for British Art have shared news that they are conserving Compton Verney's intriguing seventeenth century Allegory (called a Double Portrait). The painting was acquired by the museum for £304,534 in 2023, after a temporary export license ban was placed on the work after it sold at auction in 2021. The rare painting is undergoing treatment and analysis as part of the 'YCBA's ongoing research on the theory and practise of painting skin tones.'

The National Gallery acquire the Duke of Rutland's Poussin

March 25 2024

Video: The National Gallery

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The National Gallery in London have announced their acquisition of Poussin's Eucharist, a work of art owned by the Duke of Rutland and acquired through a hybrid Acceptance in Lieu scheme settling £7,111,704 of tax.

According to the press release:

The picture is one of a cycle of seven scenes Poussin painted, in the second half of the 1630s, showing the Catholic Sacraments, for his friend and patron, the Roman antiquarian Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588–1657): 'Baptism', 'Penance', 'Eucharist', 'Confirmation', 'Marriage', 'Ordination' and 'Extreme Unction'. The sacraments are Christian rites through which divine grace is communicated to human beings. Poussin illustrated them with biblical and early Christian imagery. The series was brought to Britain in 1785 where Sir Joshua Reynolds, founding President of the Royal Academy, declared ‘The Poussins are a real national object.’ The series was so successful that a second suite of sacraments was commissioned from Poussin in the late 1640s by the French collector Paul Fréart de Chantelou (1609–1694). That second series is on loan to the National Galleries of Scotland.

Sleeper Alert!

March 25 2024

Image of Sleeper Alert!

Picture: kollerauktionen.ch

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The following painting catalogued as 'Genoa, 17th century' realised 110,000 CHF over its estimate of 10,000 - 15,000 CHF last week at Koller in Switzerland. Van Dyck was the name being whispered throughout social media. Let's see if it turns up anywhere interesting in due course!

Zurbarán's only signed Still Life on Display in Madrid

March 22 2024

Image of Zurbarán's only signed Still Life on Display in Madrid

Picture: The Norton Simon Museum

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Norton Simon Museum in California has loaned the Prado in Madrid Francisco de Zurbarán's only signed and dated still life. The work, dated to 1633, will be featured in a special display until 30th June 2024.

Rachel Ruysch Exhibition for the Alte Pinakothek in November

March 22 2024

Image of Rachel Ruysch Exhibition for the Alte Pinakothek in November

Picture: Alte Pinakothek

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Alte Pinakothek in Munich have recently announced that they will be opening an exhibition dedicated to the still life painter Rachel Ruysch in November. The show claims to be the 'world's first major monographic exhibition of her work.'

The exhibition will run in Munich between 26th November 2024 until 16th March 2025 and will then head for its US leg in Toledo and Boston later in 2025.

Restitution Claim for Courtauld Rubens Panels Rejected

March 20 2024

Image of Restitution Claim for Courtauld Rubens Panels Rejected

Picture: Courtauld Gallery

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The UK's The Spoliation Advisory Panel have rejected a restitution claim regarding three panel paintings by Rubens now in the Courtauld Gallery in London (spotted via. @artlawalex). Ms Christine Koenigs, the granddaughter of the banker Franz W. Koenigs, had made a claim (alongside other heirs) in relation to the sale of her grandfather's paintings [including the Courtauld Rubens panels] when his Jewish-owned Bank went into voluntary liquidation in 1940 in expectation of the imminent Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.

According to the link above:

The Panel concluded that the claimants had neither a legal nor a moral claim to the 3 paintings and that the works should continue to be enjoyed in a public museum in line with the wishes of Franz Koenigs.

Click on the link above to read the full report.

Leemput's Copy of Van Dyck's Pembroke Family Reidentified

March 19 2024

Image of Leemput's Copy of Van Dyck's Pembroke Family Reidentified

Picture: State Hermitage Museum

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The art historian James Innes-Mulraine has published a very interesting blog about a nifty piece of research into the Van Dyck and Lely copyist Remigius van Leemput (1607-1675). In particular, the piece focuses on what happened to Leemput's copy of Van Dyck's enormous group portrait of the family of the Earl of Pembroke, preserved today at Wilton House. Through an excellent piece of sleuthing and provenance research, with the assistance of the pastels art historian Neil Jeffares, both Neil and James have rather convincingly reidentified the following painting in the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia, as almost certainly being Leemput's painting. Click on the link above to read more. 

Was schätzen Sie? - Is this by Rubens?

March 18 2024

Video: Dorotheum

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Austria's ORF III recent episode of the antiques and art show entitled Was schätzen Sie? featured a potential painting by Rubens this week (drag through to 11.35 minutes to watch). The show is hosted in the galleries of the Austrian auction house Dorotheum.

Boughton's Decade Ceiling Project Complete

March 18 2024

Video: Boughton House

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Boughton House, the home of the Duke of Buccleuch, has announced that a 10-year project to restore their 9 historic ceiling paintings has finally concluded. 8 out of 9 ceilings were painted by Louis Chéron during the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and have been carefully restored by specialists experts from the company Perry Lithgow. The house will be open again for visitors from 30th March onwards (see the link for details of their opening dates and hours).

Upcoming Release: Fred Meijer's Jan Davidsz. de Heem

March 12 2024

Image of Upcoming Release: Fred Meijer's Jan Davidsz. de Heem

Picture: @eijgenstijl

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Exciting news that Fred G. Meijer's long-awaited tome on Jan Davidsz. de Heem will be published on the 26th April 2024. The two-volume book will contain no fewer than 768 pages and will published by Waanders in the Netherlands. It seems likely (I can't find the information online) that the publication will contain an updated version of Meijer's catalogue raisonné for the artist, a digital version of which has been available online since 2016.

Upcoming: Mary Beale Exhibition at Philip Mould & Company

March 1 2024

Image of Upcoming: Mary Beale Exhibition at Philip Mould & Company

Picture: philipmould.com

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Exciting news that the London dealers Philip Mould & Company will be opening an exhibition dedicated to Mary Beale in April. The show will feature 25 works by the artist, including pictures from public and private collections many of which have never been exhibited before.


It's quite amazing that visitors to London in May and June will have an unrivalled opportunity to plunge into the subject of Women artists working in Britain. This of course includes exhibitions at Tate, The Royal Academy and now Philip Mould & Co. Are there any others I might be missing out?

Prado send Velázquez's Sibyl to Lugo

February 28 2024

Image of Prado send Velázquez's Sibyl to Lugo

Picture: Prado

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Prado Museum in Madrid are sending Diego Velázquez's Sibyl to the provincial museum in Lugo, Galicia, for the summer. The loan represents the museum's continued initiative (entitled 'Art that Connects') to lend famous works of art to provincial museums around the country in an effort to boost visitor numbers to these museums. The painting will be on display in Lugo from 13th March 2024.

Rare Hercules Segers at Koller

February 26 2024

Image of Rare Hercules Segers at Koller

Picture: Koller

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Several accounts on 'X' (formerly Twitter) have pointed out this rare landscape by Hercules Seghers that it coming up at Koller in Switzerland. The painting, which was rediscovered and first published in the major Rijksmuseum exhibition in 2016-17, will be offered on 22nd March 2024 carrying an estimate of 350,000 - 500,000 CHF.

China's First Caravaggio Exhibition

February 23 2024

Video: Yit

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Interesting news from China that the Museum of Art Pudong in Shanghai opened the country's first-ever Caravaggio exhibition at the end of last year. The exhibition is a collaboration between the museum and the Galleria Borghese in Rome and contains no fewer than six works by the artist (although the video above says 16) on show supplemented by sixty works by other contemporaries. The show runs until 12th April 2024.

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